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Midseason MLB analysis: Major League Fantasy Sports

My latest analysis is here at majorleaguefantasysports.

Pretty amazing data in the MLB this year.  Batting and pitching are both strong.  The nuances of data are part of the beauty of baseball.

Why are we celebrating the world’s largest underwater restaurant?

In this story, RealClearPolitics describes  the opening of the world’s largest underwater restaurant in the Maldives.  Sure, it’s a cool concept.    But…


RealClearPolitics 6 July 2016

The Maldives are beautiful, sunwashed islands.  But, soon they will be under water.  In fact, the same folks who bring us underwater restaurants held several government meetings under water in 2009 in an attempt to  make the world aware of their impending doom.

Folks like the ocean…except when it moves in and takes over.  When they finish eating and communing with fish, they want to go home to dry land unless, of course, you are megalomaniacal James Bond villain Karl Stromberg who’s decided that, on balance, humanity’s  way past its shelf life and needs an upgrade.  Ultron had the same idea.  But he intended to achieve the same ends by dropping a city on the planet.

Whereas Ulron and Stromberg wanted to  extinguish humanity, rising seas will not–at least, not as quickly.  Instead, they will create a new class of truly stateless migrants.

Amazingly, on the same day that RealClearPolitics published its piece on Poseidon’s new  hangout in the Maldives, The New York Times  ran a piece that suggested an alternative reaction to  rising seas.  In the Chesapeake Bay, residents of  Tangier Island are not preoccupied with hiring underwater chefs and wait-staff.  Instead, as this article in the New York Times Magazine discusses, the issue is  whether the federal government should save the island from being inundated.


New York Times Magazine 6 July 2016


Readers should shudder at  both stories.  What looms is a crisis of unimaginable proportions. Where will  these  refugees go? When should they go?  Who should receive them?

Hollywood generates all sorts of fantastic world ending scenarios.  In a universe expanding so  quickly that  it alters the speed of light waves, films such as Battleship and both Independence Days suggest that aliens from across this vast, expanding space have nothing better to do but to come and take over the earth.  Heck, this was Loki’s plan in The Avengers.  Seems that the universe offers very little prime real estate.

Sadly, the joke will be on all these hypothetical invaders because, after they take over, they will discover that a nontrivial amount of that real estate will be underwater.   Seems their interdimensional probes missed this.

Seriously:  aliens are unlikely to invade.  But the seas will rise and we will have environmental refugees.  Is the world (and its laws) prepared to address this situation effectively?

Mid-Season Baseball Analysis 2016

In lieu of commenting on an ever-depressing political  landscape, I’ve dedicated a lot of energy to baseball  analysis for Majorleaguefantasysports.  This is  a great site operated by a great group of folks who are dedicated to sports and analysis.

My latest  couple of columns embody some macro-level  analysis of the first half of 2016 for both pitchers and batters.  One of the intriguing aspect of baseball  analysis  and, in particular, its translation into  fantasy analysis, is  the connection between players’ performance in real life and their valuation in the fantasy markets.   This  parallels any analysis of  stock prices or values  at an auction:  how do  we take a complex portfolio of attractive  and  not-so-attractive assets and assign a particular dollar value or  ranking (relative value) to  it?

In this column,  I  address this with regard to  batters.  I followup  in this column with a similar analysis of  pitchers.  Finally, in this column, I  offer a reflection on the fickleness the  relationship between value and performance.

More to  come, of course.  We are only halfway through the season.