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Thoughts on the Climate and the Future of (Western, Liberal) Government (Kim Stanley Robinson’s Ministry for the Future)

It’s coincidental that I’m drafting this on the weekend that Al Gore published his thoughtful, hopeful op-ed in the NYT (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/12/opinion/sunday/biden-climate-change-al-gore.html). But, the following thoughts began a couple of weeks ago when I joined Bryan Alexander’s (Bryanalexander.org) book club reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s Ministry for the Future (https://www.amazon.com/Ministry-Future-Kim-Stanley-Robinson-ebook/dp/B084FY1NXB). It’s a wonderful account so far of the national and global government dysfunction that prevents any real coordinated effort to manage climate change (or any other global problem for that matter–education, demographics, etc.). Reading this, I’m reminded of an equally poignant and terrifying book (and article by the same title) Climate Leviathan by Joel Wainwright and Geoff Mann (https://www.amazon.com/Climate-Leviathan-Political-Theory-Planetary/dp/1786634457/ref=sr_1_1?crid=10HOTJRASJY84&dchild=1&keywords=climate+leviathan&qid=1607873245&sprefix=climate+levi%2Cdigital-text%2C168&sr=8-1). Both demonstrate that western liberalism has met its match when confronting truly global challenges.

Real Political Reform–and Improvement–in Virginia.

A redistricting commission is only the first step. Real, meaningful political reform means placing the interests of the voters before those of incumbents. This means changing legislative terms, using a better electoral system, and looking to enforce the spirit as well as the letter of the Voting Rights Act.


Congress is the Problem–not SCOTUS

Congressional calls to repair the Supreme Court are, at best, the product of myopia and, at worst, outright attempts to distract the public from the dysfunction that characterizes the US Congress. From the Richmond Times: https://richmond.com/opinion/columnists/mark-rush-column-congress-not-the-supreme-court-is-the-problem/article_6cdea361-2f21-5688-85b0-305d24a19f67.html

A Reflection on one of the Red Herrings of the 2020 election Puerto Rico and Packing the Senate

It is too bad that members of both parties have sunk to such a septic level of partisanship. In the wake of the ACB appointment and the election, calls went out for Dems to pack the Senate and the Court. Alas, there is nothing wrong with the Court and Everything Wrong with the Senate (and Congress more generally. More on that in the next blog post) . For now, a comment on disingenuous apportionment politics: https://www.jurist.org/commentary/tag/author-mark-rush/

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