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Mid-Season Baseball Analysis 2016

In lieu of commenting on an ever-depressing political  landscape, I’ve dedicated a lot of energy to baseball  analysis for Majorleaguefantasysports.  This is  a great site operated by a great group of folks who are dedicated to sports and analysis.

My latest  couple of columns embody some macro-level  analysis of the first half of 2016 for both pitchers and batters.  One of the intriguing aspect of baseball  analysis  and, in particular, its translation into  fantasy analysis, is  the connection between players’ performance in real life and their valuation in the fantasy markets.   This  parallels any analysis of  stock prices or values  at an auction:  how do  we take a complex portfolio of attractive  and  not-so-attractive assets and assign a particular dollar value or  ranking (relative value) to  it?

In this column,  I  address this with regard to  batters.  I followup  in this column with a similar analysis of  pitchers.  Finally, in this column, I  offer a reflection on the fickleness the  relationship between value and performance.

More to  come, of course.  We are only halfway through the season.

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